Algifol 10L Can


The larger 10L Cans are the best sellers for agricultural and horticultural growers. Whether Cereals, OilSeed Rape, Fruit, Vegetables or Flowers. For larger amounts or bulk orders please contact us for final prices.




We recommend using 1 litre of Algifol™ per hectare at GS30/31 or with your T1 spray. If you have a backward crop or a poor rooted crop from a wet autumn an earlier application will help to improve the root system and boost tillering. This is extremely beneficial if you are in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and are waiting to get the crop going.

Algifol™ is also a useful product on malting barley where low nitrogen applications can leave crops susceptible to disease and stress. Algifol™ will improve rooting and help the plant take up essential nutrients from the soil resulting in a healthier and stronger crop.

A second Application of 1 litre per hectare at ear emergence or early flowering will help to improve grain fill and yield. Research shows that Algifol™ increases levels of chlorophyll which increases the plants productivity and appearance.

By incorporating Algifol™ with other fungicides an improvement in disease control can be seen because the plants natural immune system is improved leading to better resistance of diseases and pest attack. This also benefits the environment with a reduction of pesticides needed.

Oilseed rape

Early applications of 1 litre per hectare of Algifol™ can help the rooting of this sometimes difficult plant. If a thin crop goes into winter untreated it will suffer from the effects of frost and pest attack. By using Algifol™ before winter on backward crops it will improve the root structure and help to minimise frost damage. For people in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones early nitrogen may have to be delayed resulting in crop losses and diseases attacking early. This can be offset by using 1 litre of Algifol per hectare in early spring this will improve the rooting by encouraging fine hair roots that can take up valuable nutrients resulting in a healthier and stronger crop. As with other crops Algifol™ helps to build up the immune system of the crop resulting in less disease and pest attacks.


A seed treatment of 0.5 litre per one hectares worth of seed is recommended for early and uniform emergence of the crop resulting in better root growth and quicker canopy cover. This is particularly useful in suppressing weeds and retaining moisture in the ridges. Algifol™ can help against the effects of PCN infestations still providing a good yield. We recommend 3 applications of 1litre per hectare throughout the growing stages plus a forth for extreme drought or wet periods.

Algifol™ can be incorporated with all blight sprays making application easy and cost effective. For seed treatment Algifol™ can be applied at planting time either by Knapsack sprayer or watering can.

Scientific evidence suggests that chemicals from seaweeds can influence plant growth and help in the defence against attack by pests and pathogens. Chemicals which may be involved include: Cytokinins, Auxins and Betains. Data shows that seaweed extracts will not provide total control of nematodes, however when integrated into a program with other forms of control seaweed extracts may play a significant role in plant protection as well as offering other benefits such as higher yields and better quality produce.