Algifol 100ml


We recommend the smaller 100ml cans for use on house plants and nursery stock growers. It also comes as a great size for those with allotments or growing their own plants in their garden.



Algifol™ is a very useful product in the nursery sector providing plants with all the necessary minerals and trace elements plus plant hormones and vitamins for healthy stock.

Algifol™ can be used prior to planting out or as soon as possible afterwards to help reduce transplant shock and to improve rooting into the surrounding soil or peat.

It is easy to apply by either diluting at watering time or applying overall with a mist blower or conventional sprayer. It is also non toxic so can be used safely in an enclosed environment.

We would recommend applying Algifol™ early in the growing season to improve the root system enabling quicker uptake of important nutrients and water; this will also start building the immune system of plants to help resist disease and pest attack. Algifol™ can then be applied at regular intervals throughout the growing season.

Plants and flowers will also be better at withstanding extreme temperatures as can often happen in glasshouse situations.

Where leaf colour is important we would recommend using Algifol™ plus humic acid as trials have shown this gives a boost to green leaf area.

We also have experienced a marked improvement in flower size and quality with extended shelf life, Blooms will have improved colour and last longer once in water.