The application rate on most crops is 1Litre per Hectare repeated 3-4 times through the growing season.

Algifol is compatible with a wide range of fungicides, trace elements and insecticides. We would recommend checking a small sample first.

We wouldn’t recommend applying the full amount in 1 go as its a waste of money. Plus our trials data shows little and often works best, giving the crops more time to absorb the minerals.

Yes, our sprayers are easy to attach. If you need help with calibration we can also offer this service.

Yes, we would always say to use PPE, we can advise what is best for each job and supply the products from our range.

Do I need protective clothing when using the sprayers?

We can supply tanks ranging from 200L upwards which are all suitable for a pressure washer.

Every case is different, please check the following link detailing rules and regulations around bunded oil tanks. For further questions please do contact us, for local clients we can also arrange a site visit.

What should I do if my Oil/Diesel tank has split?

Please contact us immediately if you notice a split or leak in your tank and we can advise how to proceed.

Please contact us immediately if you notice a split or leak in your tank and we can advise how to proceed.

AdBlue is the trading name for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%). It is a liquid, which is injected into exhaust gases of modern diesel engines, as part of a post-combustion cycle. AdBlue reduces the volume of harmful NOx (Nitrous Oxides) in vehicle emissions, therefore reducing the negative environmental impacts of vehicle emissions. The chemical reaction which AdBlue is required for, takes place within a special piece of equipment called an SCR. The requirements to reduce vehicles harmful emissions (pollutants) are specified in European legislation – Euro 4, 5 and 6. The use of AdBlue has increased significantly as a result of frequently updated European legislation, which require its use in manufacturing and in commercial fleet activity.

Yes, we have a range of fittings, gauges and pipes available for tanks that we offer. If you have not bought a tank from us please do contact us and we can see if our parts are suitable.

We would recommend using a black tank tfor storing water to protect the quality of the water in sunlight.

Our tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes suitable for almost anywhere.

By using our filter systems and calmed inlets the water is kept fresh and stirred regularly.