MJP Supplies South Lincolnshire
MJP Supplies South Lincolnshire
MJP Supplies South Lincolnshire
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about mjp supplies

MJP Supplies is a family run company set up in 2005. Coming from the owners of A Palmer & Son, third generation farmers in the Lincolnshire fens, MJP Supplies set up to promote the use of Algifol across the UK.

Using trace elements on our farm is something we have always believed in to improve the quality of our produce. When we first tried Algifol we were extremely happy with the results and soon started using it across all of our produce including soft fruits, cereals, potatoes and sugar beet.

Over the past 15 years we have expanded our customer base from local farmers to national growers, being the sole representative selling Algifol in the UK. As well as importing Algifol we offer a wide range of water, diesel and oil tanks for household and industrial use. Personal safety works hand in hand with the sale of tanks so we also provide a range of protective clothing to our clients.

Throughout the website the uses and benefits of each and every product is explained in more details but for any further questions please check our FAQs page or contact us via our Chat below.


Marcus Palmer

MJP Supplies.