Over 2000 years ago, Romans knew about the incredible health advantages from the minerals in plants from the sea, known as Algae.

Now there is over 25,000 species divided into 4 groups: blue algae, brown algae, green algae and red algae.

Every year over 4.5million tons of algae is harvested from the sea, with over half being consumed as a vegetable. The remainder goes for animal feed or for medicinal purposes.

As well as positive cell metabolism, algae have a particularity to purify the body.

They assist body cells in detoxify from excessive heavy metals. This results in less allergy problems (like sweet itch) and stress. Skin and fur becomes shiny and coating is no longer a problem.

Nutripferd™ for horses is effective in small quantities due to the concentration process used in production.

The benefits are consumers see include;

  • Effective prevention of allergic reactions, even sweet itch
  • Strengthening of immune system
  • Reduction of susceptibility to diseases
  • Activation of intestinal flora
  • Improved metabolism
  • More beautiful coat within short
  • Stress reduction

The raw material for our wild marine algae based product is growing in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean where the water is cold and clear.

The marine algae we use is especially prepared and concentrated to produce our “Algenmikronat” powder.

This powder contains multiple trace elements, electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are often absent in an ill-balanced diet. This may, under extreme conditions, result in chronic deficiency diseases.

As skin cells renew within about 28 days, you cannot expect miracles overnight, but positive changes may be seen after 3-4 weeks.

The last thing a horse suffering from Sweet Itch wants is hairless skin. With our soothing oil you can help protect and sooth the skin if your horse has an allergic reaction.

NBS soothing oil for horses is based on a special composition of cod liver oil with its well-known properties on skin application. It reduces itching immediately and helps to regenerate skin cells.

NBS soothing oil for horses is made of a special composition of cod liver oil and selected plant oils but is an odourless product!

NBS soothing oil for horses is applied directly and undiluted to the affected areas. Apply once or twice daily - A positive outcome will be seen within a short time if used regularly.

NBS soothing oil for horses soothes the skin even if there are existing skin impurities, scab, impetigo and dandruff plus the risk of rough and irritated skin is reduced.

NBS soothing oil for horses makes the coat, mane and tail shiny.

Nutripferd™ to go! is the new way to feed horses a needful and tasty mash.

  • It is easy and uncomplicated to prepare, just add water.
  • Very useful during or before a tournament or longer trail.
  • Reduces stress
  • Your horse enjoys advantage of the benefaction of the marine algae Nutripferd™.

Nutripferd™ to go! is a complete meal without cereals, containg marine algae.

The mash consists of easily digestible fibers of soya, Lucerne, meadow hay, beet pulp and organically bound vitamins and amino acids. This well selected herbal mixture is extremely tasty plus has a positive effect on the digestive tract and stress situations.

Chia and linseed with their essential Omega 3 fatty acids – and Amino acids also provide energy for the horses. Nutripferd™ to go! contains additional honey, biotin, natural E Vitamin and active yeast strains – ideal for all breed of horses.