NBS Soothing Oil


The last thing a horse suffering from Sweet Itch wants is hairless skin. With our soothing oil you can help protect and sooth the skin if your horse has an allergic reaction.

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NBS soothing oil for horses is based on a special composition of cod liver oil with its well-known properties on skin application. It reduces itching immediately and helps to regenerate skin cells.

NBS soothing oil for horses is made of a special composition of cod liver oil and selected plant oils but is an odourless product!

NBS soothing oil for horses is applied directly and undiluted to the affected areas. Apply once or twice daily – A positive outcome will be seen within a short time if used regularly.

NBS soothing oil for horses soothes the skin even if there are existing skin impurities, scab, impetigo and dandruff plus the risk of rough and irritated skin is reduced.

NBS soothing oil for horses makes the coat, mane and tail shiny.



How to use: rub oil as needed once or twice daily undiluted on effected area.

Natural Bio Stimular (NBS) can be used on existing eczema skin impurities and problems.
Soothes irritated skin, renews skin cells and risk of impurities resulting in shiny coat, skin and tail.


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