Portek RUFCUT Wheeled Brushcutter and Strimmer


The RUFCUT wheeled brushcutter and strimmer features a powerful 52cc (1.47 kW) air-cooled two-stroke engine and comes with the heavy-duty PowerStrim 6 mulching head. Its innovative Flexi-Cut system allows for precise strimming up to walls and edges, while the flexible handle ensures comfort, even on slopes. Equipped with solid puncture-proof tyres, a built-in toolbox, and an adjustable handle, it’s designed for easy transport and storage, reducing backache and enhancing user convenience.


The RUFCUT wheeled brushcutter and strimmer boasts a powerful air-cooled 52cc (1.47 kW) two-stroke engine, complete with our heavy-duty PowerStrim 6 mulching head. Featuring the innovative Flexi-Cut system, it allows for easy strimming right up to walls and edges with a simple adjustment. The flexible handle enhances comfort and efficiency, even when working on slopes.


  • Powerful air-cooled 52cc (1.47 kW) two-stroke engine
  • Solid puncture-proof tyres
  • Unique swivel axle ‘Flexi-Cut’ system
  • Equipped with PowerStrim 6 mulching head
  • Compatible with all PowerStrim replacement heads
  • Includes tool kit
  • Designed to reduce back ache
  • Easy to transport and store

Tool Kit Included

Rufcut Tool Kit

Folds for Transport & Storage 

Rufcut Folded Handle

Engine Specifications:

  • Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
  • 52cc (1.47 kW) power output
  • 25:1 fuel mix ratio
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Recoil type starter
  • Electronic ignition

Trolley Specifications:

  • Solid puncture-proof tyres
  • Swivel axle with Flexi-Cut control
  • Built-in toolbox compartment
  • Double grip with cut-out switch
  • Adjustable handle

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