Portek PowerStrim 6 Universal Replacement Strimmer Head


The PowerStrim 6 Mulching Strimmer Head is designed for heavy-duty tasks with its durable multi-line design and innovative cutting system. Compatible with machines 36cc (1.5kW/2.0hp) and above.


Perfect for all straight shaft anti-clockwise rotation brush cutters and strimmers designed for steel blade use. Featuring an ultra-hardwearing heavy-duty multi-line design and a unique 3-tier line cutting system, it effortlessly cuts, mulches, and scatters for a clean finish.

Ideal for heavy-duty tasks, it’s compatible with machines 36cc (1.5kW/2.0hp) and above.


  • Suitable for machines 36cc (1.5kW/2.0hp) and above
  • Heavy-duty mulching head for efficient performance
  • Compatible with any gauge of nylon lines
  • Ideal for medium to heavy-duty machines
  • Hardwearing and long-lasting construction
  • Slow wear rate ensures durability
  • ‘Load & Lock’ line changing system for easy maintenance
  • Tackles heavy jobs with ease


Ensure quick and easy fitting with PowerStrim 6 replacement strimmer heads. Refer to the diagram (right) for fitting instructions.

PowerStrim 6 Installation

PowerStrim Pre-Cut Strimmer Lines:

High-quality square and star profile replacement nylon lines, perfect for use with PowerStrim strimmer heads, are readily available.

Square Profile:

  • Standard Line
  • Size: 3mm x 30cm long
  • 24 Lines Per Pack

Star Profile:

  • Heavy Duty Line
  • Size: 4.4mm x 30cm long
  • 12 Lines Per Pack

Important Note: Exceeding the specified number or length of lines may cause damage to the machine. PowerStrim replacement heads are meticulously designed, engineered, and rigorously field-tested to ensure balanced and vibration-free performance during use.

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Powerstrim 6 Instructions