Portek EZY Spray 1.5L Multi-Purpose Mini Sprayer


Ezy Spray 1.5L mini sprayers are lightweight, handheld sprayers perfect for garden borders, weed and pest control, and spot spraying. Featuring an easy hand pump for quick pressurization, an ergonomic grip handle with a lockable trigger for extended use, and an adjustable nozzle for varied spray patterns. Made from high-grade plastic, these durable sprayers are shatter-proof and frost-resistant. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.



Ezy Spray 1.5L mini sprayers are lightweight, handheld sprayers designed for convenience and efficiency. Featuring an easy-to-use hand pump, you can quickly pressurize the canister with minimal effort. The ergonomic grip handle with a lockable control trigger is perfect for extended use, making it ideal for small volume spraying both indoors and outdoors.

These mini sprayers boast an adjustable multi-way nozzle, allowing you to customize the spray intensity and pattern to cover a wider area. Made from high-grade plastic, Ezy Spray sprayers are tough, durable, shatter-proof, and frost-resistant.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 1.5 litres (2.6 pints)
  • Wide Neck Opening: For easy filling and emptying
  • Hand Pump: Effortlessly pressurizes the canister
  • Lockable Trigger: For comfortable, extended use
  • Adjustable Nozzle: Offers jet spray, cone, or mist options
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Ensures safe storage


  1. Filling: Only fill the sprayer up to the 1.5-litre fill line. Overfilling may prevent full pressure.
  2. After Use: Release any remaining pressure by lifting the quick release pressure relief valve. Do not store the sprayer pressurized, and ensure the trigger lock is released.