Portek Boutmarking Boutafoam Liquid


Boutafoam is the perfect solution for boutmarking machines. Specially formulated to prevent uneven spraying, this highly concentrated liquid marks up to a 250-acre area with ease. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and hello to precision with Bouta Foam Liquid.


Portek’s Boutafoam is specially formulated for boutmarking machines. This powerful solution combines quality detergents, bulk foam boosters, rust inhibitors, water softening agents, and stabilizers to ensure optimal performance.

Highly concentrated for maximum effectiveness, Bouta Foam Liquid creates stable, long-lasting foam marks. Packaged in convenient 2.5-litre bottles, each providing enough fluid to mark up to 250 acres, it helps prevent uneven spraying.

With a single dose covering 30 acres and a total case coverage of 250 acres, Bouta Foam Liquid is your reliable solution for efficient and precise boutmarking.


  • Helps prevent uneven spraying
  • Marks up to a 250-acre area

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