Portek Terror Kite & Terror Hawk Silent Bird Scaring Kites


Quiet and highly effective, the Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are designed to keep birds away with their constant movement and realistic predator mimicry. The Terror Kite disorients birds by swooping, diving, and climbing, while the Terror Hawk hovers like a natural predator. Both kites feature reflective eyes, predator colors, and continuous flashing movements to enhance their deterrent effect. Together, they provide a powerful bird-scaring solution.


Introducing the ultimate bird scaring solution with two kites in one convenient pack…

Quiet and exceptionally effective, the Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on duty, even in the lightest breeze.

The Terror Hawk mimics the flight of a natural predator hovering over crops, effectively deterring birds. Meanwhile, the Terror Kite disorients birds with its constant movement, swooping, diving, and climbing. Both kites feature reflective eyes and predator colors, proven to scare away birds.

Switch between the two for optimal results!

Portek brings you two outstanding bird scaring kites, each with unique flight characteristics. Both kites perform admirably in light breezes. Research has shown that frequently changing bird scaring methods is the most effective way to protect valuable crops. The continuously moving Terror Kite, when alternated with the hovering Terror Hawk, provides the perfect solution.

Trust Portek, the market leaders in bird scaring for over 30 years, to keep birds guessing and your crops safe.


  • Super strong metal 360° swivel mounting stake
  • Ideal for agricultural and horticultural use
  • Reflective holographic flashing effects
  • Nature’s warning colors
  • Constant movement to keep birds away
  • Both kites included in one convenient pack

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Terror Kite
  • 1 x Terror Hawk
  • 7m Telescopic Pole
  • Strong Line & Swivels
  • 360° Swivel Mounting Stake
  • Full Instructions

Download Kite Instructions

Download Hawk Instructions