Portek 3m Boomless Nozzle Kit


Introducing our innovative 3m Boomless Nozzle Kit, designed to enhance your ATV-mounted spraying experience. With seamless compatibility for pump capacities of 8.3L per minute and above, this kit offers versatility across various applications. Say goodbye to obstacles like trees and hello to precise, efficient spraying with our Boomless Nozzle Kit.


Introducing our 3m Boomless Nozzle Kit, meticulously engineered to seamlessly attach to the front or rear rack of your ATV. Compatible with any ATV-mounted sprayer boasting a pump capacity of 8.3L per minute or larger, this kit offers unparalleled versatility across various applications.

Pre-equipped with deflector or fan-type nozzles evenly spaced for optimal coverage, our Boomless Nozzle Kit ensures efficient spraying. Additionally, some models allow for individual nozzle isolation, granting precise control over your spraying pattern.

Ideal for areas with permanent obstacles like trees, our Boomless Nozzle Kit provides a hassle-free solution. Say goodbye to traditional spraying methods and welcome superior performance with our 3m Boomless Nozzle Kit.

  • Requires 8.3L/min pump or above
  • Weight: 1kg