Lemken Europal 8 5Furrow


Lemken Europal 8

5 Furrow

W52 bodies

Hydraulic front furrow

hydraulic front furrow and tru-alignment


Lemken Europal 8, 5 Furrow plough with W52 bodies giving a wide clean furrow, Hydraulic front furrow, Manual working width from 30 to 50 cm currently set at 40 cm,  Uni wheel for road use and depth control, heavy duty headstock, this plough is in excellent condition used on our own farm from new in 2010, All tools still in place and even a pack of sheer bolts in headstock storage, Subsoilers shown will be removed and are not included in price, It had a new set of hard faced points fitted before last season replacing the original set, We have been pulling this plough with a MF6480 with no issues at all when alignment is set correctly.

Europal 8