Antique Potato Boxes

Antique Potato Boxes

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Antique wooden potato boxes
Ideal for storage solutions

Create that shabby chic look


Handmade wooden farm trays used on farm for storage and drying of Apples,Bulbs and potatoes. They have various farm names and date of manufacture on them, these will vary from the photos. Wear and tear is obvious but it adds to their charm and character, they will be unwashed so signs of past use will be present in the form of dust and any worm holes. They have many uses in the home or garden for storage of fruit and veg as they can stack easily. They can be used for display of various items in shops or garden centers, they help create a shabby chic look They measure 61cm x 45cm x 18cm and will couple together when not in use this will save space. The unit of sale is 1 which is 4 boxes as these couple together for better transportation and is more cost effective.