3m Spray width Folding Boom – 0.5m Nozzle Spacing


  • Height adjustable.
  • Small spraying jobs.
  • Minimum of 8.3 l/min pump.
  •  6 standard nozzle assemblies across the centre section, 50cm spacing between each nozzle.
  • Boom width approx. 250cms overall.
  • Easy to fit to most ATV & UTV Sprayers/Quad Sprayers.
  • Fitted with flat fan nozzles at 500mm spacing.
  • The boom is 0.5 metre wide with a nozzle positioned at each end giving an overall spray width of 3 metres.


  • Flat fan type spray nozzles at 500mm spacing.
  • 3 metre spring loaded, positive breakaway spray boom has vertical fold capability.
  • Supplied with on/off valve, hose and all fittings required.